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Upcoming Events

October 2016

Oct 9 Monthly Meeting Host Bonnie & Frank Klatt at Aley Church

Oct 20 Board Meeting at the Gordon & Judy Havens’

Oct 20 TRACKS Deadline

November 2016

Nov 4 NMRA Show Set-up

Nov 5/6 NMRA Show Paul and Debbie O'Connor Event Chairs

NMRA Location:

Upper Valley Mall
1475 Upper Valley Pike
Springfield, Ohio

Nov 13 Monthly Meeting Bob & Pam Marcischak at Aley Church

Nov 17 Board Meeting at the The Satterfield's

Nov 27 TRACKS Deadline


Hi Everyone,

NMRA Train Show is just around the corner.

It is Nov. 5 & 6 and held at the Upper Valley Mall, 1475 Upper Valley Pike in Springfield.

The show is located in the former Elder Beerman store located behind the Sears store.

SET UP will be on Nov 4 at 1:30pm, we are going to be located in the loading dock area at the south end of the store. We will have the loading dock doors and a side door right beside our layout so it will be easy moving in and out.

There will be no need for carts or wagons because we are located right at the doors. The area is long and narrow but have some ideas for the set up.

We are going to be restricted on the number of chairs available so if you are coming to the show on Sat and Sun you may want to bring a lawn chair.

ALSO, be sure to wear your name badge. I would suggest bringing a sweater or layering some warm clothes (not sure how warm that area will be with the weather fluctuation)

For those who are running trains you can unload them at the south side door by the loading dock.

Show starts at 11:00 Sat and Sun morning.

Event Chairs

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